Healthcare and Medical Textiles

Medical Products Collage Tex-Care Medical (TCM), the health care and medical division of Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation, is uniquely positioned as a Registered Medical Device company and an industry leader in textiles. As part of the CEFC group, Tex-Care Medical has access to one of the broadest knowledge bases of technical and custom fabric expertise in the industry. A spirit of continuous development, the relentless pursuit of providing value to our customers, and a proven track record of delivering both distinguishes TCM as best in class. In today’s rapidly changing medical markets it is more important than ever to provide specific and measurable results. Assisting our customers to improve the patient/provider experience by either improved comfort, improved usability or helping reduce the risk of infection is critical to medical companies of the future. In addition to the resources available internally, TCM has also developed strategic relationships with many international companies. Many of the partnerships are more than ten year’s old and have proven to be very helpful when assisting our customer’s with specific product issues. For over 20 years Tex-Care Medical has been a trusted partner. As a customer, you will sleep well knowing that you have a US based Registered Medical Device supplier with industry leading expertise and a proven track record of being able to deliver. We look forward to helping you get a good nights sleep.