Ear Loop Solution Overview

Tex-Care Medical offers a comprehensive ear loop solution for a wide variety of face masks. Our patented ear loop is lightweight and soft, creating a premium fit experience that is significantly more comfortable than a traditional ear loop.

Our ear loop is delivered on traversed rolls and feeds into your machines with our automatic unwinder (patent pending). This configuration eliminates the need to detangle the ear loop and significantly increases your production throughput. The unique, high-quality construction of our ear loop produces superior yield (680 yds/lb.) and elongation (+300%), which translates into longer production runs and less fabric per mask.

Our ear loop products are proudly made in the USA and can be made Berry Amendment compliant as needed. Please contact us for more information about our ear loop solution.

Ear Loop At a Glance

  • Patented ear loop
  • Premium fit and comfort
  • Lightweight material blend
  • Delivered on traversed rolls
  • Automatic unwinder available
  • Fabric yields 680 yds/lb.
  • Fabric elongates +300%
  • Made in the USA
  • Berry Amendment options
  • Round or flat options
  • White and black colors

Value Proposition

At Tex-Care Medical, our focus is on value. Our ear loop solution reduces cost in logistics and operations, mitigates supply chain risk, improves productivity, and creates brand recognition with your customers, which drives your marketing and sales.

Inbound Logistics

  • Streamlines Inventory: As a US-based manufacturer, we can ship our ear loop quickly and without excessive lead times. This allows you to align purchases with your production cycle and keep inventories lean.
  • Reduces Freight Costs: Our location in the US will reduce freight cost when compared to overseas suppliers. Further, our ear loop is shipped in traversed rolls resulting in better freight efficiencies (denser packages).
  • Mitigates Supply Chain Risk: As a US-based manufacturer, we reduce the risk that supply chain disruptions, trade policies, and exchange rates pose to your business.


  • Reduces Labor Costs: Unlike traditional bagged ear loop, our traversed ear loop does not need to be detangled, which can eliminate manual labor in your production process, reduce costs, and improve productivity.
  • Improves Throughput: Our traversed rolls and unwinder improve the feed of ear loop into machines. Manufacturers have produced up to 600 masks/min. with our ear loop solution.
  • Reduces Fabric Used per Mask: Due to the superior elongation of our ear loop (+300%), you can use less ear loop fabric per mask, which may reduce your material cost per mask.
  • Reduces Wear on Machinery: The unique properties of our ear loop fabric require less aggressive welding to bond to the mask, which can reduce wear and tear on your machinery.

Sales and Marketing

  • Creates Points of Differentiation: Our lightweight, stretchy, soft ear loop creates a premium fit experience that is significantly more comfortable than traditional ear loop. Further, our products are proudly made in the USA and are available in white and black colors. Each of these elements creates a point of differentiation that adds value to your products and allows you to stand apart from the competition.
  • Provides Access to New Markets: As a US-based manufacturer, we can produce Berry Amendment compliant ear loop. This allows you to pursue lucrative, large-scale contracts with the federal government that are not available to manufacturers who make products or source materials outside of the United States.

Product Options

Round White Ear Loop

Regular: 92001-908
Berry Compliant: 92001-910

Round Black Ear Loop

Regular: 92001-928
Berry Compliant: 92001-920

Flat White Ear Loops

Regular: 92001-912
Berry Compliant: 92001-902

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