Elastic Strap Overview

Tex-Care Medical offers a knitted elastic strap that provides a unique blend of security and comfort. Our elastic strap creates the tight-fitting seal required for NIOSH-certified N95 respirators, while also providing the all-day comfort of lightweight knitted fabrics.

In addition to N95 respirators, our versatile strap can be used in reusable masks (minimum 25 washings) and other respirator-style masks such as KN95s and CN95s. Further, our strap can be used in various configurations to accommodate your mask design and production equipment.

Our elastic strap is delivered on large traversed rolls. This eliminates the need to detangle festooned straps or handle individual pieces and results in longer production runs and higher productivity. Alternatively, our strap can be purchased in pre-cut lengths to eliminate the cutting step from your production process. Our elastic straps are proudly made in the USA and can be made Berry Amendment compliant as needed. Contact us to learn more.

Elastic Strap At a Glance

  • Knitted elastic strap with secure fit & all-day comfort
  • For N95s, KN95s, CN95s, and reusable
  • Withstands a minimum of 25 washings
  • Delivered on traversed rolls
  • Pre-cut lengths available upon request
  • Significant yield and elongation
  • Made in the USA with Berry Amendment options
  • White and black colors available

Value Proposition

At Tex-Care Medical, our focus is on value. Our elastic strap reduces cost in logistics and operations, mitigates supply chain risk, improves productivity, and creates brand recognition with your customers, which drives your marketing and sales.

Inbound Logistics

  • Streamlines Inventory: As a US-based manufacturer, we can ship our strap quickly and without excessive lead times. This allows you to align purchases with your production cycle and keep inventories lean.
  • Reduces Freight Costs: Our location in the US will reduce freight cost when compared to overseas suppliers. Further, our strap is shipped in traversed rolls, resulting in better freight efficiencies (denser packages).
  • Mitigates Supply Chain Risk: As a US-based manufacturer, we reduce the risk that supply chain disruptions, trade policies, and exchange rates pose to your business.


  • Reduces Labor Costs: Our traversed elastic strap does not need to be detangled, or individually unpackaged, which can eliminate manual labor in your production process, reduce costs, and improve productivity.
  • Improves Throughput: Our traversed rolls improve the feed of strap into machines, which can improve productivity and throughput.
  • Enables Longer Production Runs: Our traversed rolls are larger than those of other knitted straps, which results in longer production runs and improved efficiency.

Sales and Marketing

  • Creates Points of Differentiation: The unique construction of our knitted elastic straps creates a secure fit that is also comfortable for extended use. These characteristics make our straps unique in the industry and highly sought after by users. Further, our products are proudly made in the USA and are available in white and black colors. Each of these elements creates a point of differentiation that adds value to your products and allows you to stand apart from the competition.
  • Provides Access to New Markets: As a US-based manufacturer, we can produce Berry Amendment compliant elastic straps. This allows you to pursue lucrative, large-scale contracts with the federal government that are not available to manufacturers who make products or source materials outside of the United States.

Product Options

White Strap (Roll)

Regular: 92001-916
Berry Compliant: 92001-915

Black Strap (Roll)

Regular: 92001-926
Berry Compliant: 92001-925

Pre-Cut Lengths

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