Aqua-Sleeve® filter fabrics have been specified and used extensively by environmental contractors in the past to prevent the infiltration of soil particles into groundwater monitoring wells in order to prolong their service life.

Aqua-Sleeve® is quick and easy to install onto slotted well screen or other perforated pipes, by simply pulling it on like pulling on your socks. There are no seams to glue or weld due to its durable tubular knit construction.

Environmental Monitoring Well

Made of 100% polyester fiber, Aqua-Sleeve® is inert to a broad range of chemicals and is therefore ideally suited for use in gasoline stations, bulk fuel depots, landfill sites or anywhere the possibility of groundwater contamination may occur or site remediation has been undertaken and long-term monitoring of the site is required.

Aqua-Sleeve® products are available to fit well-screens ranging from 1” (25mm) to 12” (300mm) in diameter.

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