Industrial Fabrics

The industrial product lines that are manufactured by the CEFC group of companies is quite diverse and is constantly growing. Driven by the imagination of its customers and their specific needs, each of CEFC’s companies has a long history in the area of product innovation and market development.

Many of CEFC’s Industrial product lines are manufactured to become a component of another finished product. Whether it is their Sock™ geotextile fabric which is applied to their customer’s drainage pipes, or their Erosion Control fabrics which become a key component of their customers finished product, or perhaps the circular-knitted scrims that become a key component in the manufacture of absorbent socks pillows and booms, they all bring value to their customers finished goods.

However, each of their companies is often called upon to develop and produce fabrics for specialized and in some instances, proprietary fabric applications. With access to more than 300 late model high speed production machines including a number of downstream finishing capabilities, coupled with years of technical knowledge in the areas of weft knitting and their experience in working with a wide range of both common and not so common fibers, CEFC welcomes the opportunity to become a manufacturing partner for your company.