Erosion Control Fabrics


Utilizing its circular knitting technology and equipment, Carriff is a major supplier of the fabrics being used to manufacture Erosion and Sediment Control, Booms and Wattles.

With large volume manufacturing capabilities, Carriff can supply all of your needs when it comes to fabrics used to make tubular shaped erosion control products.

Erosion Sock Insitu 053 (400x300)

The durable knit construction provides superior flow rates compared to traditional silt fencing materials while providing exceptional retention of soil and debris.

Carriff offers a variety of fabric weights, colors and stitch densities to suit your needs. Diameters range from 8” to 32” in diameter. Carriff’s Erosion Control fabrics are photo degradable. Usable lifespans can be increased or decreased depending upon the lifespan you feel you may require.

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