Scrims and Containment Fabrics

Adsorbent Sock 002 Carriff Corporation and Zodiac Fabrics were both pioneers in the 1980s in the manufacture and distribution of absorbent socks, pillows and booms for industrial spill containment and cleanup. While no longer manufacturers of these products, both continue to be major suppliers of both knitted and non-woven, sock scrims and netting components to the industry. Knitted scrims are available in a wide range of diameters, colors, and densities to contain all types of adsorbing materials, including dusty particulates. Depending upon the application, some are manufactured using selective materials whereby they will only absorb petrochemical based liquids whereas some are better suited for containing and absorbing strong acidic liquids. nonwoven boom 002 Carriff also converts 1.25 oz/yd² (42 gm/m²) non-woven polypropylene fabric into fabric tubes of various diameters using high-speed ultrasonic welding equipment. These materials are hydrophobic and therefore repel water but have an affinity for petroleum based liquids making them ideal for use in the manufacture of booms and pillows for the containment and clean up of oil spills on water. Finished diameters of 3” to 8” are most common but our equipment lends itself to diameters of up to 14”. In addition to the hydrophobic non-woven scrims, Carriff also offers a 1.5 oz/yd² (50 gm/m²) hydrophilic scrim which is non-selective, and suitable for the containment and cleanup of all non-aggressive liquids. A white boom blocks a spreading oil slick floating on water. Complimenting the non-woven boom scrim is our Tubular Netting products. The relatively open, polyester knit construction of our netting materials creates an outer skin to provide extra strength and durability to the oil booms when used on ponds, rivers, and streams while allowing an unobstructed path for the oil to enter the absorbing boom materials. Netting products are inventoried for both 5” and 8” diameter booms.

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