About Our Sock™ Filter

35_64Unprotected sub-surface drainage systems can often fail when sand and soil particles enter into the perforated drainage pipes. Infiltration of unwanted soil particles can restrict water flow and eventually stop the flow of water completely. The original SOCK™ filter which is manufactured by Zodiac Fabrics Company and Carriff Corporation has been used to protect subsurface drainage pipes from sediment buildup for more than 40 years. Its uniform knit construction allows only the finest (colloidal) soil particles to enter the drainage system to be flushed through the perforated drainage pipe with the water flow while coarser soil particles remain trapped at the geotextile / soil interface. These residual, coarse soil particles bridge against each other creating void areas and improve the permeability of the soil immediately surrounding the drainage pipe which in turn increases the operational efficiency of the drainage system. Filtered Pipe With Magnifier When used in conjunction with corrugated tubing, the knit geotextile spans the corrugations of the pipe, creating an increased surface area for water flow to enter the drainage system. Its durable knit construction is seamless and while designed for use on perforated, corrugated HDPE tubing, it can be used as a filter envelope to cover most any type of perforated drainage material, including steel, aluminum, and PVC. Knitted SOCK™ geotextile fabrics have been applied to millions of feet of perforated tubing and has a proven track record throughout North America and around the world in a wide variety of sub-surface drainage applications including:
  • Agricultural Land Drainage
  • Highway Sub-Drains
  • Foundation Drainage
  • Sports Fields
  • Golf Course Drainage
  • Landscape Drainage
  • Gravelless Leach Bed Systems
  • Airport Drainage
filter pipe rollMany highway transportation authorities and agricultural drainage professionals insist on SOCK™ to insure against drainage system clogging. All products are manufactured in ISO Registered facilities to meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM D6707, TYPE “A” or TYPE “H” fabrics. SOCK™ is available for application onto perforated pipes ranging in diameter from 2” (50 mm) to 48” (1200 mm). Thorough testing of raw materials and quality inspections during the manufacturing process assures product quality and consistency in every foot of our SOCK™ geotextile fabrics. The filtration openings found in the knitted SOCK™ are uniform in size and shape and typically provide superior water permittivity and flow rates compared to most non-woven fabrics with random fiber placement. On request, the filtration characteristics of CEFC’s knitted SOCK™ geotextiles can be customized for specific soil conditions. SOCK™ filter fabrics are available in either White (Natural) or Black to provide additional protection against deterioration from weathering or other environmental factors. FOUNDATION SOCK 6Geographic location, excessive or above average periods of bright sunshine (UV exposure), repeated wetting (by rain or dew) and drying cycles, atmospheric conditions and other environmental factors all contribute to fiber degradation. As a precautionary measure, unprotected outdoor storage of white (natural) fabric for more than 60 days and black fabrics for more than 90 days is not recommended . In extreme conditions, fabric degradation may occur even sooner. For larger jobs, SOCK™ geotextiles are typically factory applied to the perforated tubing and are available from all major North American corrugated plastic pipe manufacturers, and are quickly gaining acceptance in Central and South America and throughout Europe. For the do it yourselfer, DRAIN-SLEEVE® is available in pre-cut lengths of 10’ (3 meters) and 100’ (30 meters) rolls and is available from most major plumbing and building supply outlets throughout North America. For additional information on our DRAIN-SLEEVE® products, click here To download complete product specifications, please visit our downloads.

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    “SOCK” and “DRAIN-SLEEVE” are registered trademarks of Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation